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Keyword Shitter Pro is keyword research tool that saves the day. In addition to churning out search ideas for Google, Bing and Yahoo, it goes a step further to give you key-phrase combinations for Amazon, eBay, Duckduckgo, Baidu, Yandex and Twitter.

If you’re looking for a free tool for finding long tail keywords, Keyword Shitter Pro is definitely a tool to consider. The tool can help you discover hundreds if not thousands of long tail keywords for your site or other projects.

Keyword Shitter Pro is 100 percent free and is a great free alternative to quickly find and generate long tail keywords. Its a great tool. It is 100 percent free and there are no advertisements unlike other free alternative keyword research tools.

This is a tool that I’ve seen recommended to others on SEO forums that some search engine optimisers use to quickly find keywords. Its free and easy to use and provides you with all of the long tail keywords you could ever hope for.

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What is Keyword Research ?

Keyword Research is said to be the most important part of your SEO strategy. In this article, we’ll cover the basics of Keyword Research. This is a pretty long article and is, therefore, broken into following sections for ease of reading What is Keyword Research ? Keyword Metrics Types of Keywords Why Long Tail ? […]

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As many of you might have noticed, Long Tail Suggest is a re-branded version of Keyword Shitter Pro, a keyword research tool that was launched a while back and loved by many in the SEO community. However, despite being loved by many, some of you were bothered by the NSFW name that it had. In […]

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