December 11, 2016


As many of you might have noticed, Long Tail Suggest is a re-branded version of Keyword Shitter Pro, a keyword research tool that was launched a while back and loved by many in the SEO community. However, despite being loved by many, some of you were bothered by the NSFW name that it had. In case, you were living under the rock, here’s the screenshot:

Keyword Shitter Pro Home Page

Keyword Shitter Pro Home Page


Well, we present you the re-branded version with more professional and appropriate name and an improved design. Check it out at

In case you were feeling a bit naughty, Keyword Shitter Pro is just one click away.

  • Ronnie Jones

    I preferred it when it was shit

    • Well, you are one of the very few people on the internet that “actually” liked that name. Can i ask why you preferred former name ?